A community based initiative by Shantilal Muttha Foundation
(SMF) to ensure continuity of education for primary school
children amid COVID Pandemic .


COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted every aspect of life like never before. The COVID-19 impact on children is a growing concern. The pandemic has multifaceted impacts on children, which are psychological, mental, physical, social and cultural. These effects are not limited to health and wellbeing but extend to many dimensions of children’s lives, their education, safety and poverty.


SMF, with its programme namely ‘Mulyavardhan’, has managed to make its presence in all the 67,000 Government primary ZP schools in Maharashtra. Maharashtra State Council of Educational Research and Training (MSCERT) approved MV programme and is implementing MV as their initiative since 2015, with technical support from SMF. Under this programme, MSCERT and SMF together developed 9000 Government resource teachers, who in turn trained 1,95,000 primary teachers on Mulyavardhan concepts and activities. These teachers started conducting these activities in their classrooms with nearly 44 lakh students. In order to provide on-field support to the teachers, SMF deployed a taluka coordinator in every taluka. Leveraging on this track record of working with the community, including parents, teachers and students, at such a large scale for the last five years, Shantilal Muttha Foundation has launched a statewide community based initiative namely ‘Sahayogi Shikshan Abhiyaan’. Under this initiative, parents and the village community together are expected to take responsibility for continuation of their child’s education through setting up a “Samaj Vidya Kendra” in their village. The village community will constitute a village task force to oversee “Samaj Vidya Kendra’’ and will identify 2-3 volunteers namely “Shikshan Sarathi”. These Shikshan Sarathis will be trained by SMF on the content and pedagogy, to conduct learning activities with children at a specified place and time as decided by the community/ taskforce. This initiative will also ensure close engagement of parents in their children’s education.



Project implementation strategy

As a first step, SMF will conduct a campaign at village level with the help of Sarpanches and SMF taluka coordinators and share the information about the programme. Following the campaign, Sarpanches conduct village level consultations and meetings for setting up Samaj Vidya Kendra in their village.
They will set up a village taskforce for management of Samaj Vidya Kendra and identify 2-3 volunteers (Shikshan Sarathi), with a minimum of 10th class passed, to conduct learning activities with children. Village task force will identify the place for conducting learning activities and define the operational details of Samaj Vidya Kendra like working hours, number students, rules & regulations, maintaining social distancing norms etc.

Shantilal Muttha Foundation will train Shikshan Sarathi on content & pedagogy and how to use all teaching learning materials (preferably in digital form) provided to them. Shikshan Sarthis are expected to conduct learning activities with children with the help available digital infrastructure like smartphone, TV, computer/ laptop etc. SMF Master trainers along with Taluka Coordinators will train Shikshan Sarthis using technology (i.e. online methods). SMF team and taluka coordinators will coordinate with Sarpanch and Shikshan Sarathis and provide appropriate technical support, either in person or online as possible, for smooth implementation of the programme.

Capacity building of the Shikshan Sarathi

SMF will appoint taluka coordinators at the block level and Master Trainers at the SMF head office level for conducting capacity building programmes for shikshan Sarathis. TCs will be trained on the various aspects of the initiative by MTs. TCs, with support from MTs, will then train the Shikshan Sarathi and will work in close coordination with them on the ground and provide necessary support and guidance.


Content being delivered

Based on the experience of developing content for the Mulyavardhan programme, SMF has developed simple, user-friendly teaching learning materials that can be used with children by persons with minimum training. The content for this project will include the following:
• Audio songs, stories and conversations
• Some selected Mulyavardhan activities
• Few simple activities to promote listening and speaking
• Guidance booklets

Functionality of the Samaj Vidya Kendra


SMF has gained rich experience in effective use of technology in programme implementation. SMF, with its in-house professionally qualified technology team, developed a Mulyavardhan (MV) mobile application and used the same to collect real time monitoring data. SMF leveraging on the existing technology packages namely Tableu and Salesforce for data management and analysis. Nearly 1.50 lakh teachers provided their feedback on the capacity building programmes conducted, MV materials and student responses by using MV App. In addition, MV learning materials, capacity building materials and other audio-visual teaching learning materials have been made available to all the teachers and head teachers through MV app. Based on the learnings from MV and to enhance the effectiveness of technology application in the implementation of Sahayogi Shikshan Abhiyaan SMF has developed a technology platform that will provide timely support to Shikshan Sarthis through periodic online capacity building programmes, interactive sessions and also making available various teaching learning materials.

SMF would like to leverage on the existing technology platform and MV app to ensure smooth implementation of the programme. SMF will upgrade these technology application systems as per the project requirements.

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SMF intends to reach 1000 villages in the coming one month.