Mr. Shantilal Muttha

Mr. Shantilal Muttha, a social entrepreneur par excellence, rose from extremely humble origins determined to sow the seeds for positive change and transformation in society. He founded the Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana (BJS) in 1985 as a non-political, secular, non-profit organization with a vision, ‘to collectively contribute towards nation building through a holistic development of the society’.

Mr. Vallabh Bhanshali

Mr. Vallabh Bhanshali is a leading investment banker, investor, venture capitalist and capital-markets expert of the country. He is the co-founder and Chairman of ENAM group and DeshApnayenSahayog Foundation. He is a Trustee of the Bombay Stock Exchange and serves on various committees of the stock exchange, SEBI and other bodies. He is the Director of Maya Entertainment Ltd. and served as Director of AXIS Bank Ltd.

A person with wide interests, he has lectured throughout his career, conducted professional seminars and published several articles. Apart from the field of finance and economic development, he is keenly interested in behavioral sciences and religion. He has received many awards and honors, including the ‘Veteran Economist of the Capital Markets’ citation from the Indian Council of Business.

Mr. Sameer Muttha

Mr Sameer Muttha is the Director of the Muttha Group, which strives to create iconic residential and commercial spaces driven by the spirit of philanthropy. He started his career in the software business, executing over 1200 projects for clients in over 60 countries in a period of less than three years. He received the Best IT Parks Award from the Maharashtra Government in 2009. He is a member of CREDAI, and took a delegation of around 80 real estate developers from India to South Korea, leading to business generation worth over 10 million USD.


Prof. R. Govinda

Mr. Shyam B. Menon

Prof. Dr. S. Parasuraman

Mr. Vivek Sawant

Dr. M. P. Vijayakumar IAS